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Life can get busy – so busy that it’s hard to carve out time for yourself or to really enjoy everything you have.

Discover a simple, engaging way to explore your creativity AND design a more abundant life in just a few moments a day. 

My Glimmers & Gratitude workshop will show you how! 

Join this FREE 3-day workshop to build a creative practice rooted in gratitude.


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In the Glimmers & Gratitude workshop, we’ll dive into why a creative practice is so important, especially this time of year. And because we’re entering a season of gratitude, what better way to build up your “Creative Muscles” than by doing a daily gratitude practice??

In this free 3-day workshop, you’ll watch 2 prerecorded trainings and join 1 live session (hosted by me, Amy Tangerine!) where we’ll create a gratitude journal, dive into the importance of this practice, and work on our prompts together. 

Here’s what you can look forward to in the 3-day workshop


10am PDT

Day 1: Why Glimmers & Gratitude? Why Now?  

Learn about ‘glimmers’ and how they help you embrace a life filled with more gratitude.

What are “glimmers”?

Glimmers are small moments that spark joy or peace


10am PDT

Day 2: Create Your Glimmers & Gratitude Journal 

Create a beautiful journal that expresses your creativity and supports your gratitude practices


LIVE @ 10am PDT

Day 3: Crafting Your Creativity & Gratitude Routine

Embark on your gratitude journey, start to build your practice and dive into your prompts. I’ll be with you LIVE! 

Worried you can’t make be online during those times? No sweat! You’ll get access to the replays just for registering. 

Bring the fun — and some other materials!

Here’s a quick list of what to bring to this workshop. Don’t buy anything too fancy, we LOVE a “use what you have” challenge!

Grab scraps of paper, washi tape, sketches, stickers, clippings, anything you have laying around. But you will definitely need a notebook and a pen. If you want an excuse to get yourself something new - I just launched this brand new notebook/journal with mixed media pages.

Why join me for Glimmers & Gratitude


This workshop is more than a fun craft session (although it will be that, too). It’s about discovering ways to unlock more joy and abundance each day.

Join us for Glimmers and Gratitude, and discover how you can create a life of gratitude and creativity — and finally find time for yourself in life’s busiest seasons.  

It’s happening November 1st-3rd, but you’ll also have access to all live session replays so you don’t have to miss a thing! 

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About your host, Amy Tangerine

I’m a paper crafter, memory-keeper and proud mama who got her start in the fashion industry in Atlanta. Since 2001, I’ve run my own business, embraced bright rainbow colors in everything from clothing to my own little studio, and created whimsical designs along the way. 

Embracing the opportunity to partner with incredible companies like Disney, Avery and American Crafts has taught me how important it is to infuse positivity into everything. As a recovering workaholic, I deliberately filled my days with things that filled me up — watercolors, collaging, hand lettering, and playing with my two children.

Today, I have a daily creative practice that centers me, helps me tap into my gratitude, and connects me to all of you! I’m excited to host this workshop because I know that we’re all busy, especially this time of year.

What better way to enter the holidays than with a daily self-care practice AND a stronger gratitude muscle? I can’t wait to create with you! Make sure to register today, because this is going to be so much fun!

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