Unlock a life of abundance through a daily creative (and gratitude) practice

30 days of creative and gratitude prompts, designed to help you craft a daily practice

3 mixed media printables for collaging, designed for this season of gratitude

BONUS: Live Pause & Play session, where we’ll explore a new prompt & create together

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Deepen your creative gratitude practice with

30 days of guided support

There is so much goodness all around. How are you fully present to all the gifts that surround you? During this season (when our lives typically pick up pace), I cherish the seemingly ordinary moments that allow us to slow down, pause, and hold gratitude close.  

Of course, this isn’t just a seasonal thing. We’re busy all year round. Life throws us lemons and we have to make the most of it. With a creative gratitude practice, though, we can weather those storms, honor the abundance in our lives, and spend time tapping into our most important asset — ourselves. 

Expanding our awareness to find the little gifts that present themselves throughout the day

can make a big difference in our lives.

 That’s why you’re invited to this Glimmers & Gratitude FULL Experience.

You’ll tap into your creativity in a way that helps you…

recognize and cherish the subtle sparks of joy that light up your days in little and big ways

cultivate a deeper sense of contentment, resilience, and fulfillment

embrace a brighter, more fulfilling perspective on your beautiful life

Why choose the Glimmers & Gratitude 30-day course?


With the Glimmers & Gratitude 30-day course, you’ll learn how to deeply integrate your new gratitude practice into your life.

The course will help you  –

  • Make more room for fun on your busiest days
  • Feel clear-minded and centered so you can show up for yourself and others
  • Invite more abundance and peace into each day
  • Rediscover how to be the best version of yourself
  • Learn how to craft a life you love
  • Tap into the creativity you have inside (yes, it’s there!)

If you nodded ”Yes, please!” to even one thing, the Glimmers & Gratitude 30-day course was created just for you.

Who is the Glimmers & Gratitude course for?

The Glimmers & Gratitude course is perfect those who…

  • ✨ Have been trying to build a gratitude practice for years, but seem to keep falling off track
  • ✨ Want to lean into creativity and journaling, but aren’t sure exactly how to keep going
  • ✨ Took my Glimmers & Gratitude 3-day workshop and are ready to dive deeper into creative journaling
  • ✨ Want to carve out a life you love and are ready to find space to do so
  • ✨ Want to feel empowered and invigorated by a creative practice that supports your wellbeing

Whether you’re just starting out or are reigniting your creative journaling journey, this course is here to help you.

Establish My Gratitude Practice


 What's included in the course?


Creativity is essential to our very beings, and living a mindful life is tied to artistic expression. The Glimmers & Gratitude 30-day course is designed to help you lean into your creative side so you can successfully establish a mindful, abundant daily practice. ALL FOR JUST $39

Here’s what’s included:

  • 💙 30 days of gratitude & journaling prompts – to help you continue building momentum in your gratitude practice 
  • 💙 3 printables – so you can continue to put your creative touches on your Glimmers & Gratitude journal
  • 💙 A bonus LIVE session where we walk through the prompts together and talk about how to use a printable in your journal

In short? You get everything you need to establish a fun, creative gratitude journaling practice. And while there are 30 days of prompts, you also get lifetime access to the course so you can access the prompts, printables, and inspiration again and again.

I’m ready to find the glimmers!

About your host, Amy Tangerine

Over a decade ago, I was in the process of burnout, and my creative flow was running dry.  That’s when I discovered scrapbooking and a whole community of people who paused to examine their lives, being reflective, documenting joyous moments, and sharing their stories.

I soon rediscovered the positive side of life, released my stress and worry, and my creative juices started flowing again.

We all want to live amazing lives. The way we create those lives vary, but what I do know for sure is this – our hobbies matter

Now I help others  live your best life by giving yourself permission to pursue your craft and take loving care of yourself.

Glimmers & Gratitude Course FAQs

Ready to craft a life you love with

Glimmers & Gratitude?

Rediscovering joy in each day starts with creating space for fun, for play, and for expressing yourself creatively and mindfully. With the Glimmers & Gratitude, you will learn how to embrace the simple pleasures and make gratitude a part of your life. 

Join us to continue your gratitude journey together.

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